Wang zai

“Don’t worrow, I can help you!”

Lang lang ago, … have a little boy is go to eat cow, He like There, cows like He too。
But, sameday, A bed men go to the Vizhes, Pepol is huadfu and sad。Bed men play’s chearen, bed men start every badiy, bed men “no hungry no do”!…

fudday, a “yong shi” come to the Vizhes, He look at the bed men, “yong shi” tāo go bǎo jiàn, one xià bikong a bed men, bed men start “yong shi”,
(one time’s)…
(two time’s)…
(lots of time’s go to)…
“mideo fish”. “yong shi” kill the bed men, The a Vizhes “English bear”! “yong shi”and “man pig” go to a happliy live.
(lot’s of years ago)…
“yong shi” sand “Sunzi”——Gulbsa·masEehfs is teall big, He gud and pa’s “bao jiàn”。
timeing, “bao jiàn”is shinning!
“oh no!”
“What? Web are you doing? Gulbsa·masEehfs!”
“I… I’m sorry mum…”
Gulbsa·masEehfs is sad.

…(Some a time)
D·a——H·u—— I is comeing!
“every People! Go to the me, all go to one jí jǐng jiè.
“you is go to!” “yong shi”——Gulbsa·masEehfs!”
“No!!!!!!””I…i’m 害怕.





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