My ipad mini

My ipad is a wondful pople. It’s my role model. He study the every day.

I so. someday, It will be a good boy, We will plays in earh over.

today. He by car go to the me, I’m Very sad, Beaces I diden’t look It. I with my family. wear It the apout. at the desk, We are cry. I’m Very sad, It is sad too。

afternoon, He come to Us, and he send to me a email.

Dear WCY:

I’m went to the US, This pople is very good, I meet a old friend, He till me: “ipad, how are you? Where is YY now.” I don’t how, my dog is angry, but, He wear lots of doller, He give me twenty-three dollers and two cents, I’m so happy! I decide live US, I will miss you!



“Haha…” my dad laughing, I wand go to US to. But, My dad is angry, He say:”No ho no, It not chien go to the please.” I after listsen is very sad 。

“Why? why my is not to go US? Becsen I’m a chiren?” I’m car, Dad:”Ho, It’s a nothoing!”

I hurt heart…

“ding dong ~” my bell rings。

“Who?” I wut.

“it’s me! YY! open to door!”

“ipad?! I miss you!!!”

“Haha, I come back!”

“yeh!” I’m happy.

Today is happy day!






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