hao a dog

has me have one dog.It’s vrey biutefor I love my dog

one day I for my dog is go to the Mixuebingxheng ADs.we are very happy!my by lot of nanchad’smy dog is veary cleve.It look me.so it say:“蜜雪冰城甜蜜蜜 吖 你爱我哎 我爱你 蜜雪冰城甜蜜蜜~”I sing vrye jingya

“wow!my dog had say!”wo yongbaole It !wo yongbaole my dog.we going to very difang wanlehaojiuhaojiu we are happyde’s

“YangYang,where you?come go to home eat rice!”my dad read a bike.it shout up.It is my dad It is my dog.my dog puud eat my dad.my dad is vrey happy!so yesterday we baozongzi.my dog is me are very very pis fiand.

te day game owo,I my dog and my dad is very pishsd’s

I love my dog. I love my dad!

bo.It’s my dog.are you?




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